Franchising With Sal's Pizza

If you are an entrepreneur with a passion for hard work who wants the freedom and financial security of owning your own business, a Sal’s Pizza franchise is the right opportunity for you. In today’s competitive retail food service marketplace you have to start with a good concept to be a winner. When you own a Sal’s Pizza franchise, solid business techniques and popular, appealing products make for a smart investment. Anyone can own and operate a Sal’s Pizza restaurant. Sal Lupoli and his family make it very easy to start a pizzeria/takeout business and succeed. You not only start your operation with the best management and technical training program available but you also have the best product, portion and price in the marketplace. Sal’s efficient commissary concept and the high profitability of pizza make this one of the easiest ways to start your own business.

Since 1994

Sal’s has been in the business of developing and supporting successful franchise operations since 1994. As an independently owned business in a market of corporate giants, they have become uniquely successful. Careful consideration of the location, construction or remodeling, planning of the site and it’s layout are all part of building a successful franchise. Professionals at Sal’s Pizza work with you to build or develop your site to reflect the community and customer base that you would like to serve. Free standing, plaza and business complexes are all possible considerations in finding the best location for customer traffic. You can combine the entrepreneurial challenge of owning your own business with the experience and support that Sal’s brings to all of their franchises.

Quality, Quantity and Price is Our Essence!

Owning a Sal’s Pizza franchise means you will be selling generous portions of great food at a great price. Sal’s purchases only the best tomatoes, flour, cheese, olive oil, meats and produce. Our blended sauce uses the freshest tomato products. With an executive chef and highly skilled staff, the commissary has successfully adapted the original recipes that made Sal’s famous, and also has the expanded production capacity to serve all franchise locations.

All products are made and prepared in the commissary and delivered in Sal’s fleet of trucks to your location to bake and serve. The pizza you prepare for your customers will be the freshest and most delicious in your community. With our strong purchasing capabilities, Sal’s can help you hold the line on per unit pricing and produce healthy profit margins for your franchise.


Your Location will be planned with all the elements that make a pizzeria/take-out business successful. Sal’s will help you to create a clean, well designed layout where your staff can work efficiently. Dining areas are kept open, well lit and simply decorated. Customers seat themselves after ordering their meal. Comfortable waiting areas are provided for takeout customers. There is no need for wait staff. Because your pizza, calzones, salads, breads, bruschetta and desserts meet the highest standards of taste and eye appeal, your marketing will be easy.

Recipe for Success

With a Sal’s Pizza franchise, you get a proven and profitable retail food service operation. From day one, we work with your business team to set up and open a successful restaurant. You are given a clear blueprint on how to be successful.

  • Management and staff training before and during start-up.

  • Continued support through all aspects of the day to day operation.

  • Sal’s senior managers guide you through all recruitment & training.

All of Sal’s Pizza restaurants and independently owned franchises have established strong regional reputations and have gained considerable print media endorsement. Upon opening your franchise you can immediately leverage Sal’s reputation to differentiate your restaurant from local and corporate competitors. With quick serve and take out becoming the fastest growing segment in the country, it is smart to get in on the ground floor. Join an independently owned company who is succeeding in the land of the corporate giants.

To get started, please contact Michael Lupoli at 978-681-7777.